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IOE publishes a Choice Outstanding Academic Title
A Chemical Passion has been named a 2017 Choice Outstanding Academic Title.

IoE Launches Research for All
Research for All is a new open-access journal focusing on research that involves universities and communities, services or industries working together.

It highlights the potential in public engagement for robust academic study, development of involved communities and research that
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Dewey in Our Time Peter Cunningham, Ruth Heilbronn
"…Dewey in Our Time successfully demonstrates Dewey's ongoing legacy in educational practice, policy making, and curriculum development and illuminates the ongoing Dewey inspired research on historical and philosophical education. Teachers and educators will greatly benefit from this volume when
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- Reflective Teaching
John Dewey’s Democracy and Education Steve Higgins, Frank Coffield
"This extraordinary volume charts John Dewey’s reception and influence in Great Britain as of the centennial of the publication of his most influential and widely read text, Democracy and Education. Through Dewey, the authors ask, what values are of most worth and how can they be enacted in education? A
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- A.G. Rud, Washington State University and President-Elect, John Dewey Society