Harold Rosen
Writings on Life, Language and Learning, 1958–2008

Edited by John Richmond
Paper: 978 1 78277 189 0 / $37.95
Published: March 2017  

Publisher: UCL IOE Press
582 pp., 6 3/5" x 9 2/5"
Harold Rosen was a leader of thought in the world of English teaching in the second half of the twentieth century. He and his colleagues forged and sustained a new understanding of the purpose and possibilities of the subject English within the school curriculum. Beyond the constituency of people teaching English in secondary schools, Harold’s teachings, writings and activities illuminated many more people’s understanding of the relationship between language and learning in any context, whatever the age of the learner and the content of the learning. This tribute to Harold’s life and work contains over 50 pieces of his writing. Harold’s educational writings are grouped under three headings:

* The politics of language and English teaching
* The role of language in learning
* Story

Interspersed among the educational writings are some of Harold’s stories and poems.

Table of Contents:
Introduction; On the Road; Comrade Rosie Rosen; Language and Class: A Critical Look at the Theories of Basil Bernstein; A Social View of Language in School; Out There or Where the Masons Went; Multicultural Education and the English Teacher; Neither Bleak House nor Liberty Hall; English in the Curriculum; The Language Monitors – A Critique of the Assessment of Performance Unit’s Primary Survey Report Language Performance in Schools; Language and the Education of the Working Class; The Voices of Communities and Language in Classrooms: a Review of Shirley Brice Heath’s Ways with Words; Struck by a Particular Gap; Some Notes on the Idea of Culture; The Nationalisation of English; The Whole Story?; St Bernard; Haimishe Fish; Music; Penmanship; The Walworth School English Syllabus; The Language of Textbooks; Towards a Language Policy Across the Curriculum; A Language Policy Across the Curriculum; Messages and Message-makers; Thinking; Sense of Audience; ‘Turn Research Upside Down’; The Dramatic Mode; Language Diversity as Part of the Language Curriculum; Language across the Curriculum: a Changing Agenda; The Politics of Writing; Barn Owl; Cribs; Maginot Line; Old Ladies in the Pyrenees; Stories and Meanings; The Importance of Story; The Autobiographical Impulse; Troublesome Boy; Stories of Stories: Footnotes on Sly Gossipy Practices; Talk as Autobiography; Zeider and the Suit; Isaak Babel and the Bird; How many Genres in Narrative?; We are our Stories; The Two Frogs; Autobiographical Memory; For Beatrice Hastings; A Necessary Myth: Cable Street Revisited; Narrative in Intercultural Education; Ending; Bell-pulls at The Adlon; The Dinosaur and the Professor; In the SS barracks, 1945

Reviews & Endorsements:
"This is a most welcome bringing-together of the writings of one of the most admired and influential thinkers and doers in the world of English teaching and language education in the second half of the 20th century."
- Professor Ronald Carter, School of English, University of Nottingham and Cambridge Language Sciences, University of Cambridge
"John Richmond has done readers a service in compiling this book. It is a tonic to read not only Harold Rosen’s academic work but his stories and poems, too. Those of us who knew Harold will enjoy hearing his voice again; those who have not yet met him will relish the wit, incisiveness and principle of this remarkable man. He is captured here reminiscing about his childhood, telling stories, showing fierce commitment to diversity and equity in his academic writings, and wisely thoughtful about narrative and life in his later years. This collection brings honour to the word 'troublesome', reminding readers that challenge and critique are essential to ensure a fair and equitable education for all our children – and all our sakes."
- Eve Bearne, United Kingdom Literacy Association
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