Dewey in Our Time
Learning from John Dewey for Transcultural Practice

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Published: October 2016  

Publisher: UCL IOE Press
202 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
Dewey in Our Time brings together leading writers from around the world who are actively engaged in applying Dewey’s thought to the challenges facing educational systems and teachers in school. Issues concerning equity, social justice, curriculum and pedagogy, teachers’ roles and their professional identity are considered, with examples from the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Table of Contents:
Introduction, by Peter Cunningham and Ruth Heilbronn
Part 1: Dewey in Changing Transcultural Contexts
1. "On a piece of research together": Teaching at John Dewey’s Laboratory School, with implications for teacher education today, by Anne Durst
2. Textbook Dewey: Disseminating educational philosophy, then and now, by Peter Cunningham
3. Democracy and Education then and now: "De-pragmatizing" and "ultra-pragmatizing" readings of John Dewey’s pedagogy, by Gonzalo Jover
4. From Dewey to Kinokuni: An intellectual and professional journey in Japan, by Yoko Yamasaki
5. John Dewey and the comprehensive high school, by William G. Wraga
Part 2: Dewey, Pedagogy and Practice in Our Time
6. Dewey and the teaching experience, by Javier Sáenz Obregón
7. Dewey, knowledge and experience in ethical teaching, by Ruth Heilbronn
8. The "in-between" of learning: (Re)valuing the process of learning, by Andrea R. English
9. In defence of pragmatism: The teacher as researcher, by Richard Pring
10. Reconstructing Deweyan democratic education for a globalizing world, by Jessica Ching-Sze Wang
Postscript: Deweyan Practice in Our Time, by Peter Cunningham and Ruth Heilbronn

Reviews & Endorsements:
"…Dewey in Our Time successfully demonstrates Dewey's ongoing legacy in educational practice, policy making, and curriculum development and illuminates the ongoing Dewey inspired research on historical and philosophical education. Teachers and educators will greatly benefit from this volume when undertaking the daunting task of pedagogical reconstruction in the face of changing realities. Researchers will gain deeper insight into the historical and philosophical underpinnings behind educational practice."
- Reflective Teaching
"This energetic volume gathers an international group of scholars and practitioners to consider Dewey’s legacy for teaching and learning theoretically, historically, and transculturally. We see in detail how Dewey continues to influence thought, learning, social movements, and curricular practice across the globe. Permeated with a vibrant and prospective tone, this book focuses on a Dewey we can all reflect upon, reconstruct, and enact to build a pluralistic and global progressive education in this century."
- A.G. Rud, Distinguished Professor, Washington State University, and president elect, John Dewey Society