Trust and Verify
The Real Keys to School Improvement

Edited by Dean Fink
Paper: 978 1 78277 147 0 / $41.95
Published: June 2016  

Publisher: UCL IOE Press
258 pp., 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
This book looks at trust and distrust in educational settings and argues that nations with higher degrees of trust in their professional educators achieve superior results for all students. Not blind trust, however, which if unchecked by some kind of verification system can prove as unproductive for individuals and organizations as intrusive, coercive and time-consuming verification strategies. Both sides of this equation are important, hence the title Trust and Verify. These behaviors are the real keys to school improvement. This accessible and compelling book provides a unique, research-based look at trust and distrust and their impact on school improvement in seven different nations: Australia, Canada, England, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, and the United States.

Table of Contents:
Introduction, by Dean Fink
1. Trust and mistrust: Competing models of policy and practice, by Dean Fink
2. Trust and verify, by Dean Fink
3. Australia: Halfway to anywhere, by Warren Marks and Norman McCulla
4. Canada: At the tipping point, by Dean Fink
5. Finland: Trust under pressure, by Petri Salo and Torbjörn Sandén
6. Lithuania: Faster than history, slower than a lifetime, by Egle Pranckuniene and Jonas Ruškus
7. Sweden: A postmodern cocktail, by Lars Svedberg
8. The United Kingdom (England): Reform in a hurry, by Tom Whittingham
9. The United States: And the pendulum swings, by Craig Hammonds
10. Themes, dreams and final thoughts, by Dean Fink and Norman McCulla

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Dean Fink and colleagues have demystified trust in an international text of significant scope. From Australia to Lithuania, the authors set forth innovative perspectives and a unified body of research linking trust, accountability, school success, economics, and history. Recognizing that both trust and verification are keys to school improvement, the authors ask: what is the delicate balance between the two? The answers are contextually calibrated and multifaceted. Trust and Verify is a treasure trove of deep insights and clear action for school leaders and policymakers."

- Linda Lambert, Consultant and Professor Emeritus, California State University, East Bay